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Demolition X – Nothing Stands in Our Way

Demolition X is a company founded by experts determined to revolutionise the world of demolition. Nothing stands in our way because we know the science behind demolition! Find out more about us here!

Building Demolition

Whether you’re planning to demolish a residential or commercial building, Demolition X is here to get the job done – successfully and from the first try! Our team provides flawless demolition services, adjusted according to your building’s specific needs, as well as the safety level required for an impeccable demolition – fast, clean and secure. Read more about what building demolition involves when collaborating with Demolition X, and how to have your building demolished with precision!


Strip out for offices

Strip outs are the most delicate demolition job a specialised company in this field has to do. It needs precision, experience, talent and dedication, and above all professionalism, for the job to get done clean, safe, fast and on budget. Strip outs require attention to detail, whether we’re talking about your kitchen, bathroom or any other interior space. It also involves tons of rubbish that we also take care of, so you can start over with a clean slate. Discover why the strip outs provided by Demolition X will save you time and money!



Our modern equipment and professional team guarantee the best service in town. We manage to provide a wide range of excavation services due to our experienced team and fleet of excavators and trucks. From bulk excavation to excavation of pools and dams, we know how to excavate the proper way, so our customers can benefit from a job well done, fast and safe. Check out what our excavators and talented team can do for you.


Asbestos removal

The fight with asbestos started many years ago, but it continues till today. This construction material still endangering many households and commercial buildings. Demolition X has made this fight personal and knows all the right methods to help you get rid of the asbestos that hides in your building and poses a risk for your health and the health of those you care about. Demolition X is a licensed asbestos removal company ready to perform any asbestos removal job needed. Read about the legal requirements to remove asbestos from buildings, and why you should choose to delegate this task to our team!


Case Studies

Excavation at Woolwich

Detail excavation of prestigious house project using diamond saw to cut sandstone material for reuse as building blocks. The basement and escalator ramp was cut out of sandstone.

demolition mixed north sydney

Demolition at North Sydney

Involved deconstruction of the roof and demolition of the units and the ground floor shop. The bricks and concrete was recycled using a crusher. The timber was de‐nailed and sent to the timber recycling yard.