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The answers to why choose Demolition X

Demolition X is a company founded by a team of experts in the field, specialists who rely on their years of experience and knowledge in the science and demolition.

Although, at first, demolition might just seem a random act of property destruction, once you get to know all its sides and secrets, you’ll discover that it’s actually a very calculated and precise field that requires not only the right equipment and techniques, but also dedication, patience and talent.

Demolition X knows all this and is 100% dedicated to providing outstanding demolition, services performed with precision. Due to our experience and commitment, we manage to respect our deadlines and provide high quality services within the budget set for the job and according to the prices mentioned in our contracts.

Our team members come from various fields and have brought with them the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to provide a flawless service, on time and on budget. We take pride in our team of talented professionals and our portfolio,which proves we know what we’re doing once we start to demolish, dig, strip out or remove, and that nothing actually stands in our way to delivering clean grounds, ready to become the foundation of new buildings or improved spaces.

We respect all rules and regulations required by Australian and local Council and we are certified to provide a full end-to-end service. Our team works in collaboration with various public institutions to guarantee a smooth and stress free demolition process, providing from DA application to council or private certifier to waste disposal receipts for you and local councils.

Demolition X is the obvious choice if you want to have your building demolished, your grounds bulk or detailed excavated, your living space stripped out or the asbestos in your walls removed! We make sure we offer “all inclusive” demolition services – from building demolishing and excavations to clean up.

Choose the service you need and start working with Demolition X today for trouble-free results tomorrow!