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We get the job done right – clean up included

Demolition is not at all as simple as you might think it is! You don’t just need a wrecking ball to get the job done. It takes much more than this, and Demolition X is here to prove to you that demolition can be done in a clean, safe and fast way, without leaving behind mountains of rubbish.

Demolition X provides house and commercial demolition that always includes clean up, so our customers won’t have to worry about rubbish removal. They can start building new structures on cleared grounds straight away. Our demolition team is experienced and dedicated and makes use of modern equipment designed to get the job done on time.

We offer full-service demolition that results in clean and safe sites. Our team is specialised in:

House Demolition

Whether you want to rebuild your home or build a totally different structure on a flat ground, our demolition team will get the job done successfully. We make sure we demolish your home, building, apartment or any other type of private structure with precision and attention to details, because demolition is not only about reducing everything to flat dirt, but also about finesse and technique. Our team will also make sure the impact of our demolition works will result in minimal impact on your neighbours.

Commercial Demolition

Whether you want to demolish a small store in the middle of nowhere or a giant commercial centre located in a tight space, our team has the right equipment and experience to help you with this. We are up for the job, even if you’re talking about demolishing warehouses, bridges, hangars and any other commercial structures. Our team respects rules and regulations in the field and provides all the necessary documentation that attests our professionalism.

Industrial Demolition

Factories and industrial sites are also on our list because our equipment and experienced team is ready to demolish all types of construction materials, from steel and metal to concrete and timber structures.

If you’re searching for a professional demolition team that gets the job done fast, safe, clean and for affordable prices, you just found them! Get in touch with us!

Structural Demolition

Our services also include the demolition of internal and external structures, regardless of the construction materials used. We have the right equipment and the expertise to demolish brick and concrete structures, and we can provide structural propping where necessary. Demolition X guarantees safe structural demolition that respects the required code and provisions.

Case Studies


Demolition of multi-storey building
North Sydney

This project involved the demolition of a multi storey building using a pulveriser to break away at the wall systematically whilst a second excavator is loading out the rubble.

demolition mixed north sydney

Demolition of mixed building
North Sydney

Involved deconstruction of the roof and demolition of the units and the ground floor shop. The bricks and concrete was recycled using a crusher. The timber was de‐nailed and sent to the timber recycling yard.

Demolition of Ivanhoe Hospital

GFA(Gross floor area) 800m2 Building foot print and removal of portable building. The total Site area of 2600m2. The project Involved safe removal of Friable Asbestos according to Safework NSW. Recycling of Roofing and other materials. Demolition of the old hospital. Levelling of the ground. Closer and construction of the end of the new building.

Client: NSW Health & Public Works. Achievements: Completed project within timeframe and within budget