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We’re excavating like no one else!

Demolition X provides a variety of excavation services performed by the best in the field with access to modern excavators, trucks and other equipment necessary for a flawless excavation.

We are a licensed and certified demolition and excavation company that follows all the necessary steps to be able to guarantee impeccable and safe excavations. We focus on delivering safe, high quality, efficient and reliable services performed by experienced specialists.

Our excavation service includes:

  • Bulk excavations
  • Detailed excavations
  • Site excavations
  • Civil works
  • Land levelling
  • Pool excavation
  • Dam excavations
  • Rock sawing

All our excavation works are performed according to current legal regulations attested by receipts and documents provided at the end of every job. We can follow a wide range of specifications, so our customers can receive exactly what they want, as well as a safe site ready to be built on.

Our excavations follow all safety regulations in the field and we always make sure we don’t compromise adjacent structures or affect the neighbourhood in any way.

Moreover, we satisfy environmental regulations, as well as resource recovery, because we care about the environment and want to contribute to the well-being of the community.

Our employees enjoy a safe and pleasant working environment, follow safety procedures to the letter and are motivated to perform an outstanding job.

Demolition X focuses on non-destructive excavations and uses the latest technology in the field to save time and money. Our team has updated information about underground optical fibres, water pipes, gas conducts and other utilities buried under the surface and our modern equipment allows us to avoid damaging them when digging around.

Our excavation service is followed by clean up so our customers can start building their new project without investing more time and money in ground preparation. We recycle as much as we can and make sure we always choose the safest way to perform the clean up. At the end of the project, our customers receive receipts that prove waste disposal, useful in case they need to record them or present them to local Council.

As you can see, we know excavation well. Get your quote today by contacting us right now!

Case Studies

Wahroonga Residential Development

This project was for a property developer who design and built high‐rise residential apartments. We were involved in the early stages and help create a large underground carpark which involved bulk and detail excavation into sandstone rock. The walls, footings and trenches were cut using diamond saw technology and precision surveying.

Shellharbour Shopping Centre

Stockland designed and built the shell harbour shopping centre, we were engaged to do the bulk and detail excavation of underground carpark and level building footprint. Using large machinery 45tonne and greater to hammer out ironstone rock.

Woolwich Excavation

Detail excavation of prestigious house project using diamond saw to cut Sandstone material for reuse as building blocks. The basement and escalator ramp was cut out of sandstone

Bondi Demolition and Earthworks

This project involved the demolition of two storey dwelling with bulk and detailed excavation. The pits and trenches were cut using a diamond saw. A crane was used to remove the excavator out of the hole.